Family and Fantasy or Family versus Fantasy

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2013 at 7:40 am

Sometimes I just don’t know which is the more apt description of my life.

My wife Lisa tries really hard to accommodate my fantasy sports. Of course it helps when every so often I am able to kick a deposit from PayPal over to the bank account thanks to winning this that or the other – thank you various leagues, Fanduel and Daily Joust. To that end my wife treats it like playing the lotto. “You won’t win unless you play” mentality means that Lowery gets to play his fantasy sports. Of course that also means there is the expectation that it takes as long to play fantasy sports as it does to scratch a card or purchase a quick pick. To be fair Lisa has learned that Sundays in the fall are a bad time to expect me to make breakfast beyond cereal in a bowl or a tube of biscuits in the oven. However now that I am playing more daily leagues the time management issue is always rearing its ugly head. Early games, late games, hockey, basketball, baseball are all way off the set routine that she learned when I was just playing fantasy football.

Now throw the three kids into the mix and working on fantasy sports has become a helter-skelter type affair.  Of course the main issue is that I don’t have an office at home.  I work on things either on the laptop or the ipad – whichever isn’t being used at the moment.  So there are more than a few deadlines missed each week or more frustrating last minute lineup changes that go unnoticed.

My first fantasy wish as I look down the road is to carve out a permanent corner/office with a dedicated computer.  My second wish follows up on the first – multiple monitors so that I can have multiple pages open simultaneously.  My third, at least for this particular moment as at least two of my kids have started screaming – a huge bottle of aspirin.  I will follow up with more later but for now family has trumped fantasy yet again.




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