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I have over the years started and forgotten about a number of different online “diaries”.  The most consistent theme of them has been my passion for baseball and in particular the Houston Astros.  While I will probably include lots of other things from random observations of stupid human behavior to the pursuit of a full time career you can be sure the Astros will never be far away.

So lets begin with some observations.  Drayton was a good owner.  He invested in the team and the community.  He often was a fan and at times made huge decisions as a fan rather than as a business owner.  As a fan you can’t ask for more than that – to put business aside and at times even baseball business aside – and to go all in from a fan’s perspective and reach for that elusive brass ring – the World Series Title.  Drayton did that.  Now as the cost of those decisions have surfaced he has looked in the mirror and sees an owner without the fire and passion required to pay the price.  Again, he has done what any fan should want from an owner in that position, he has sold the team.  Will the new owner be as passionate?  Will he be as community oriented as Drayton?  Only time will tell.  And that after all is why baseball is great – time.

That’s all for now… For as one of my favorite quotes points out, “My linear existence has not prepared me for this point in time.”

***********Please note that this post was originally written just prior to my son Ian being born on 2/7/13.



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