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Family and Fantasy or Family versus Fantasy

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Sometimes I just don’t know which is the more apt description of my life.

My wife Lisa tries really hard to accommodate my fantasy sports. Of course it helps when every so often I am able to kick a deposit from PayPal over to the bank account thanks to winning this that or the other – thank you various leagues, Fanduel and Daily Joust. To that end my wife treats it like playing the lotto. “You won’t win unless you play” mentality means that Lowery gets to play his fantasy sports. Of course that also means there is the expectation that it takes as long to play fantasy sports as it does to scratch a card or purchase a quick pick. To be fair Lisa has learned that Sundays in the fall are a bad time to expect me to make breakfast beyond cereal in a bowl or a tube of biscuits in the oven. However now that I am playing more daily leagues the time management issue is always rearing its ugly head. Early games, late games, hockey, basketball, baseball are all way off the set routine that she learned when I was just playing fantasy football.

Now throw the three kids into the mix and working on fantasy sports has become a helter-skelter type affair.  Of course the main issue is that I don’t have an office at home.  I work on things either on the laptop or the ipad – whichever isn’t being used at the moment.  So there are more than a few deadlines missed each week or more frustrating last minute lineup changes that go unnoticed.

My first fantasy wish as I look down the road is to carve out a permanent corner/office with a dedicated computer.  My second wish follows up on the first – multiple monitors so that I can have multiple pages open simultaneously.  My third, at least for this particular moment as at least two of my kids have started screaming – a huge bottle of aspirin.  I will follow up with more later but for now family has trumped fantasy yet again.




Better Late Than Never`

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I started this little corner of the internet over a year ago with the goal of getting back into writing and maybe, hopefully, who the hell knows, get up to speed with some money coming in from my creative endeavor.

Life as they say happens.  First and foremost it was the birth of my third child, Ian Rohan Ross.  He was 4 days old when we had to spend a week in the hospital due to RSV.   To sit there and listen to your infant child struggling to breath is pure hell.

Sitting in the hospital with nothing else to do I naturally fell back to fantasy sports and being February it was baseball.  My life long passion ever since I first heard Nolan Ryan pitching against Steve Carlton on the radio back in 1981 as I tried to avoid the reality of my dad dying from lung cancer.

Back then it was sneaking a radio to bed and listening to the Astros.  Listening and visualizing the game became my escape.  As I sat in the hospital trying not to listen as my new born son struggled to breath it was analyzing prospects and trades and looking for players I thought who would preform way above their average draft position – otherwise known as SLEEPERS.  Over the course of that week I found two players I thought fit the bill for my team – Josh Reddick a young player freshly traded to Oakland from Boston – and Yadier Molina a very established player who would be looked upon to step up as a leader as Pujols the previous team leader left to sign with Anaheim.

I was able to snag both – Molina in the 23rd round and Reddick in the 25th.  The silver lining to the week from hell.

In a nutshell that is my life.  Father, husband and baseball nut of the Astro flavor.  Any and all is fair game though I hope to focus mainly on the baseball aspect of my life.


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I have over the years started and forgotten about a number of different online “diaries”.  The most consistent theme of them has been my passion for baseball and in particular the Houston Astros.  While I will probably include lots of other things from random observations of stupid human behavior to the pursuit of a full time career you can be sure the Astros will never be far away.

So lets begin with some observations.  Drayton was a good owner.  He invested in the team and the community.  He often was a fan and at times made huge decisions as a fan rather than as a business owner.  As a fan you can’t ask for more than that – to put business aside and at times even baseball business aside – and to go all in from a fan’s perspective and reach for that elusive brass ring – the World Series Title.  Drayton did that.  Now as the cost of those decisions have surfaced he has looked in the mirror and sees an owner without the fire and passion required to pay the price.  Again, he has done what any fan should want from an owner in that position, he has sold the team.  Will the new owner be as passionate?  Will he be as community oriented as Drayton?  Only time will tell.  And that after all is why baseball is great – time.

That’s all for now… For as one of my favorite quotes points out, “My linear existence has not prepared me for this point in time.”

***********Please note that this post was originally written just prior to my son Ian being born on 2/7/13.